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Industrial Design Projects



Coffee Table

This coffee table is my take on the minimal and industrial aesthetic. I wanted to play with the shape and explore how non-standard shaped furniture fits into its environment.

Materials: cherry, blackened steel, master gel



Bicycle Stand

I love bikes, biking, and everything about the activity and the culture around it. Most indoor bike stands are utilitarian devices meant to hold a utilitarian vehicle. But our bikes are more than just utilitarian vehicles, they are beautiful works of art that we form a personal connection with. I wanted to design and build a piece of furniture that would elevate the bicycle to the work of art it is and be the center point in any room.

Materials: ash, walnut, stainless steel, polyurethane finish 




Flux is an experiment with light and water. The interplay of water and light has always been a fascination of mine. From watching the ripples on a lake to the way a heavy rain warps figures in the rain, these two entities are fascinating when matched. When dealing with electrical light, water is the last thing people would think to pair light with. This got me interested in creating something that physically connects the water and light in a way that seemed improbable. The end result is a desk lamp that glows from within as water flows down the outside surface.




The rock vessel was an exploration in developing strong relationships between objects and their parts within a rotational form. The goal was to design a vessel that holds three rocks in sand that's striking yet simple. The final form was made by making molds out of wood and vacuum forming over them with styrene. Using various tools I cut, aligned and bonded the two pieces of molded styrene together to create the final form below.




Nelum was a weekend project focused on novel ways of interacting with physical objects.