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SC Johnson Internship

Industrial Design . Brand Strategy

SC Johnson

Industrial Design . Brand Strategy



I interned at SC Johnson as a Design Intern and worked on two projects during my time there. I worked with a marketing counterpart on each project while consulting various engineers, scientists, designers, etc. throughout the company. As a designer I was given the freedom to approach the projects in whatever way I saw fit and use my diverse experience in different areas of design to bring our ideas to life. 

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For this project we explored new distribution concepts for OFF! products. Through our market research we targeted an area we felt was underserved. I created prototypes, conducted interviews, and refined our designs and business model.

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We were tasked with rethinking the Raid product line while focusing on redesigning a single product that had been underselling despite its superior technical capabilities. We ended up proposing a roadmap which included rebranding existing products and updating an old product to meet user needs.


Due to the nature of the projects I cannot share any more specific information.